From the last week of August to the first week of September

For the past 40 years, the Festival of Nations has been celebrating chamber music in Città di Castello and other cities of the Upper Tiber Valley.
Each year, a European country is chosen to showcase the best of its music, theatre and choreography.
The performances take place in the most evocative local venues such as churches, squares, theatres and historical buildings.


2 week of September

The national horse show in Città di Castello is one of the oldest and most important events of its kind in Italy. It dates back to the Middle Ages, when a solemn ten-day festival was held in honour of St. Florido, the patron saint. The events included product and animal fairs, amusement rides and horse races. Over the years, the event has become one of the most modern showcases for animal breeding, equestrian sports and leisure activities.


1st weekend of November 

The fair is one of the first in Italy dedicated to the truffle (a tuberous delicacy). For more than 30 years, this event has seen over 40 exhibitors in the main squares of the historic centre. During the fair, the town is animated with evening concerts, art exhibitions and gastronomic competitions with international chefs.


April 25th to May 1st

This event is a showcase for reproduction furniture and puts the talent of local artisans and businesses in the spotlight. The show takes place in various venues around the town, particularly in the old buildings of the historic centre. Complimenting the main exhibition of all types of furniture, there are parallel events focusing on local art and artisan works.


The last weekend of September

The “Tiferno Comics” Fair started in Città di Castello in 2003. Each year, the event focuses on a specific writer of comic books and offers market-shows in the historic centre.



CdCinema is a showcase for the first and second films of young Italian directors. It offers high quality, auteur films to the general public.


Last weekend of August 
For four days, you can relive the Renaissance while walking the streets of Città di Castello’s historic centre.
The old lanes, streets, squares and corners of the Prato district are the backdrop to daily life re-enactments, historical parades, theatrical plays and performances by jesters, jugglers and musicians.
For this event, the historical buildings host taverns and restaurants offering affordable, traditional renaissance food and drink.


November to April 

Alive Music Festival is a six-month music and art (illustrations, photography, theatre and cinema) festival with concerts by Italian bands and rock music events.
The festival, which began in 2004, also hosts the regional selections for the prestigious “Arezzo Wave Foundation” music competition.


The 3rd Sunday of every month.

Museums of Città di Castello
Churches of Città di Castello