T-GUIDO 2012

T-GUIDO 2012, the guide of Alta Valtiberina

Hello! My name is Guido and I am your guide to the Upper Tiber Valley known as Valtiberina.
I will begin by giving you a short but rich history of the area.
Valtiberina is in the north of the province of Perugia in the region of Umbria and includes the following cities:

Città di Castello
Lisciano Niccone
Monte Santa Maria Tiberina Montone
San Giustino

Valtiberina extends from Mount Fumaiolo (altitude 1,048 metres), which is located in the region of Romagna where the Tiber River originates and joins the Assino, a stream flowing south of Umbertide. The valley lies across two Italian regions and is governed by Tuscany in the north and Umbria in the south. While driving south on highway E45 (the only road that passes through the valley), you will encounter a short tunnel near the exit for Sansepolcro. As you exit the tunnel, “Valtiberina opens up like an amphitheatre”, to quote Pliny the Younger. The area was named the “valley museum” due to its impressive green countryside, hills, fields, churches, hilltop villages and towers rising from luxuriant vegetation. The valley, which begins near Romagna and continues through Marche and Umbria, has rich and varied cultural influences that can be seen in its dialects (that of Città di Castello has influences from the Romagnol dialect), cuisines and architectures.

The Upper Tiber Valley is crossed by few roads and has remained isolated, thereby protecting and preserving the integrity of its landscape and its historical and cultural heritage.

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